Gookie Dough

I was very kindly sent the most yummy of treats recently. I am an avid fan of cookie dough, I always eat loads of the dough when baking cookies, and I love picking the cookie bits out of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream because I don’t particularly like the ice cream itself. Of course eating cookie dough when you’re baking isn’t the best for you because raw egg can make you poorly. So these little treats from Gookie Dough are perfect.

So far I have just been eating them out of the tub but you could literally use them for anything, you don’t bake them you just eat them raw, there’s no egg in them so they won’t make you poorly and I can only imagine how good they taste with ice cream or on top of a cupcake, or smushed in between some giant cookies. mmm.

There are four flavours, Gooey Chocolate chip, Triple Chocolate Fudge, Funfetti Cake Batter and Red Velvet.

Red Velvet

I think my absolute favourite has to be the red velvet one, it’s so sweet but is honestly like heaven in your mouth, there’s white chocolate chunks and vanilla fudge frosting and it has taken a lot of will power to not eat the whole tub in one go! I have been searching the #GookieDough hashtag on Instagram for some inspiration on how to eat them and sandwiched between two cookies with ice cream seems like the way to go!

Triple Chocolate Fudge

This flavour is the only one that’s not made from vanilla flavoured dough, it’s probably my second favourite, I love love love chocolate cookies, especially those big bakery style ones you get in packs in supermarkets with giant white chocolate chips in and this tastes exactly like them. It’s so fudgey and yummy, I actually made a healthy smoothie bowl the other day and spooned a couple of lumps of this on top of it (all about the balance right?) and it was SO good. It’s chocolate flavoured with fudge chunks and white chocolate chunks and I am very very impressed.

Gooey Chocolate Chip

This is a vanilla flavoured cookie dough, (which tastes a lot like the one you get in
Ben and Jerry’s ice cream) and it has dark chocolate chunks in it which is such a yummy combination. The cookie dough itself is so creamy and smooth, the contrast of the rich dark chocolate works so so well and I love it.

Funfetti Cake Batter

The Funfetti one is definitely the prettiest, its made of vanilla flavoured dough with white chocolate chunks & rainbow sugar crystals.  This reminds me of being really little and it tastes very nostalgic, I love hundreds and thousands and this is perfect with ice cream!

You can get mini tubs, larger tubs, or a selection and if you use the code EVIE10 you can get 10% off. mmm. You can also freeze them, then take them out when you want to use them, I went on holiday last week and I’ve come back to some lovely treats in my freezer to keep me going and current Evie is very happy with past Evie, and very grateful to GookieDough for providing me with these gorgeous treats!


All my love,




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