Current ‘Go-To’ Jewellery

Since moving from my teens into my adult years I’ve moved on from the giant beads, shiny chains and frilly earrings and my jewellery taste has changed completely. I find myself always reaching for relatively plain simple jewellery, or small delicate pieces which can be worn alone or layered. I love the layered look at  the moment, especially with pretty tops and dresses- it makes me feel so girly and I love it.

The majority of the jewellery I wear I have discovered through Instagram and blogging but there are also a couple of other pieces I’ve picked up & I thought I’d share those with you!

( Little disclaimer- even though some of these products have been incredibly kindly, gifted to me, this post is not sponsored and I haven’t been asked to write it – I just wanted to share some loveliness with you)

The first place I’ve absolutely fallen head over heels in love with is Jewellery Box. I’ve had earrings, necklaces and nose studs from the jewellery box and I absolutely love every single piece I own. I wear them constantly. The quality of the products is incredible and each piece is so beautifully made. My favourite piece is my beautiful wish bone, which I wear almost every day, I also am completely in love with the honeycomb necklace.

 I find it so hard to choose pieces from their website because every single piece is so utterly beautiful, and so amazingly priced. I highly recommend checking them out if you haven’t already & they would make absolutely perfect gifts too – the packaging is also gorgeous. 

The second jewellery I’ve been loving is from MURU jewellery. Not a company I’d heard of before but I can honestly say I am in awe of their pieces. I am so glad I discovered them because I rarely take off the items I own. I normally go for silver jewellery but I was looking for a couple of gold pieces for a while to mix things up a bit and I am in love. 

The three necklaces I have are absolutely stunning. I wear them separately but they also look gorgeous layered. The gold chain looks beautiful with both necklaces, and because they’re both ‘space’ themed I wear the two pendants together sometimes too. I think the constellation necklaces are so special, I love star signs and things related to space so this is perfect for me, I wear this all the time and it’s just so beautifully made, presented and packaged. You can get them in either gold, rose gold or silver and you can choose your star sign- I am utterly in love.

The other ‘space’ style necklace I have is the Crescent Moon which looks gorgeous with both the star sign necklace, or with the bead chain.


The next gorgeous jewellery I’ve disovered is a pair of earrings I picked up on my recent holiday to northumberland. I went on a little train ride to an area called Heatherslaw and found a beautiful little shop owned by a couple. They sell art and jewellery, the gorgeous papercut art is created by a man called John Speight and the jewellery by his wife, Lorna Speight.

I have always been a lover of gemstones, healing stones and the properties of them. I fell in love with all of the earrings but particularly this gorgeous pair. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find this specific pair on the website but there are loads of other gorgeous pairs, I particularly like these Amethyst Turquoise & Lapis Lazuli Intuition Drop Earrings and the Chakra necklace. Having my own handmade jewellery  it makes me really appreciate the time and effort that goes into making your own pieces and the uniqueness of each piece. I thouroughly reccomend you check out the Spirit Of Colour Jewellery Shop – and her husband’s gorgeous art work too- John Speight

I’ve also been loving wearing my Pandora Bracelet a lot more recently, I don’t tend to wear a lot of bracelets, I opt for necklaces and rings but not so much bracelets but I’ve been really liking wearing this more recently & I’ve added some gorgeous charms. The Harry Potter ‘9 and 3/4’ charm was one I picked up from Alnwick Castle gift shop but I found it on Amazon if you wanted to buy it! The other three are from The Jewel Hut. The Enamel Heart, The Silver Owls and the ‘You and Me’ ‘I Love You’ Charm is also from the Jewel Hut but I can’t seem to find the link to that one! (sorry)

My most recent addition to my dainty silver necklaces comes from Hurley Burley, and I am OBSESSED, I was very kindly gifted the most beautiful of little necklaces, it’s a Stirling silver tear drop shaped pendant with ‘Evie’ engraved on one side and ‘dream big’ engraved on the other and it’s honestly the prettiest little thing. I adore personalised jewellery and it’s such a beautiful little piece, I have been wearing it every single day and I absolutely adore it.

The final Jewellery I have been loving is this gorgeous Mixed Crystal Bar Necklace from Adore Jewellery. It’s gold plated and made from Swarovski® crystals. It very much reminds me of Regard rings which I am totally in love with. I love how delicate this necklace is but also a bit more of a statement with the colours so it stands out and makes an outfit look more interesting. It’s all sparkly and lovely and I lovee it.

I hope you liked reading this and have found some new jewellery to purchase! Of course I couldn’t do a jewellery post without mentioning my own shop, WhatEvieMade. I would be very grateful if you’d check that out and let me know what you think!

All my love,

Evie x

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