Less Sugar, but Still as Yummy 

A little bit different to my usual make up or clothes posts but I wanted to share these new releases with you guys! I’ve loved fruit Pastilles since I was teeeny, so obviously when I heard that they were bringing out a sugar free range I had to try them!

I’m going on a bit of a road trip soon so I thought I’d pop these in the car to share with my family as they’re perfect for on the go! I’ve also popped some into my suitcase so I’ve got them handy while I’m away!

They’re so yummy, they taste the exact same as I remember the ‘normal’ Fruit Pastilles tasted, and they’re in the shape of the fruits which makes the inner child in me very happy! 🙈 I’m very much into healthy eating and not eating too much sugar and chocolate etc so having some treats with 30% less sugar in them to snack on when I’m craving it is perfect!

I’ve never actually tried Randoms before getting these but they’re super yummy! I rarely eat sweets but I do love gummy sweets so these did not disappoint! I definitely cannot taste the difference, and the fact they have less sugar in them makes them a little bit less naughty!

Evie x


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