The Best Snacks in the World 

I am not normally one for raving about just one brand of snack, I normally like to mix up what I’m snacking on but I just HAD to share my love of these yummy things with you! 

Chickpeas are a huge part of my diet anyway, I eat them in everything, I use them to make falafel & I snack on the dried ones but I’ve recently tried HIPPEAS, as I was kindly sent some to sample and I was not disappointed! They’re like crisps, they remind me of watsits but 10x more yummy and 10x better for you! 

I think my absolute favourite flavour is the ‘in herbs we trust’ but ‘far out fajita’  comes in a close second! They’re all just super yummy and I reccomend you try them out for yourselves you won’t be disappointed! Not to mention they are gluten free, wheat free, dairy free & VEGAN😍


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