April Favourites

As we are reaching towards the end of the month I thought I would share with you the things that I have been loving recently,


This will probably come as no surprise to you but my fashion favourites this month have definitely been embroidered clothes…all of them. It started with shirts and now you seem to be able to get absolutely anything with a beautiful embroidered detailing on and I am in loveee. Zara seems to have been the place to pick up the most beautiful items but I have found some gorgeous ones in Primark, New look and online on places like SheIn and Romwe too! (Check out my SheIn wish list if you want to see all the things I’m after!)

The second fashion favourite I’ve been loving is slogan t-shirts and jumpers. I love jumpers because I’m always cold so even thought it’s getting ‘warmer’ I like to be able to layer without cracking out the duffle coats. I picked up a few gorgeous t-shirts recently and two of my favourites have to be these amazing ones from TruffleShuffle.

The first being this amazing Barbie T-Shirt, I was an avid Barbie doll obsessive when I was little so this is perfect for me. The second is this Mr Men and Little Miss Patches T-Shirt, again I was a huge fan of Mr Men when I was little, I remember going out for the day and if we could find a Mr men or little miss book then that would be my treat and it just reminds me of being little so much! – I am loving the retro vibes at the moment so both of these are absolutely perfect. 

H&M did not disappoint either, I couldn’t resist this ‘team internet’ jumper, at first I thought it was corny but considering the amount of time I spend online I thought it was perfect. I also picked up this ‘laugh more’ one which again I love, and this oversized cropped white t-shirt that says ‘dream big’ (the two jumpers were in the sale so I haven’t been able to find links but I’ve linked the tshirt!)


I have a few beauty favourites this month, I have been utterly blown away by ‘Nip and Fab makeup – I wasn’t aware that Nip and Fab did anything other than skin care but I am pleasantly surprised, I presumed the quality would be drugstore but I honestly thing the majority of the items I’ve tried feel like high end and I am loving them. My favourite so far have to be the liquid lipsticks they are just beautiful, I have two nude colours; Spice and Biscuit and they are both so so gorgeous, and I have been reaching for one every single day this month.

My second beauty favourite has to be my NARS Sheer Glow Foundation. It’s the first high end foundation I’ve owned and it’s just gorgeous! The coverage is amazing, so full but not cakey, and I love that it’s not matte and gives you that glow that is utterly perfect for this time of year.

Another has been the YSL Black Opium Floral Shock fragrance- I love how mature and sophisticated this scent is, but at the same time it’s fruity and floral, it is my absolute go to at the moment as it again, is perfect for this time of year!  (Don’t forget, if you buy from Fragrance Direct you can use your UniDAYS app and get 10% off which is incredible as it’s already a discounted website! – Happy Shopping)

All my love,

Evie x


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