My Safe Haven

Being safe and cosy is one thing that I think is incredibly important not only for your happiness but also your mental well-being. There is something very special and lovely about surrounding yourself in an environment which is safe, warm, cosy and lovely in which you feel at home and relaxed.

The most important things for me are; fairy lights, cushions, photographs and other pictures, quotes, candles, blankets. plants, chilled music and good books.

The most gorgeous new additions to my little cosy den of happiness are this beautiful Live Life Cushion and Set of Heart Dishes from Eliza Rose which is the most beautiful little online shop you absolutely have to check out! I am one of those people who loves cushions, I have an abundance of them piled on top of my wardrobe and I pick some depending on which duvet I’ve got on my bed. The size of this little cushion is perfect; it fits so well with my giant blue mandala cushion from Primark and I love it, I feel like it will go with all of my duvets!

The little bowls are a perfect addition to my trinket bowl collection, I’m always looking for somewhere to put my favourite necklaces or rings, or somewhere to pop my earrings when I take them out at night – they also look gorgeous in Instagram photos and all of you bloggers will know exactly how important aesthetically pleasing home ware is!

What, to you makes your room your safe haven?

All my love,

Evie x

5 thoughts on “My Safe Haven

  1. Gorgeous post and your room is so nice! Do you use pins to hold the lights up? Wish I could do this but don’t think my landlord would approve 😭😂 x

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