Weight Loss Tips

So you’re probably thinking ‘Oooo lovely, I can find another magic tea that’ll make me lose 10lbs in 10 days’ or ‘oh fab Evie’s going to tell us how to wrap yourself in cling film to melt off the fat overnight’ …Wrong… and guess what… I’ve tried those detox teas and they don’t work, they just make you poop 🙂

Firstly, the majority of my audience are 13-25 and by that I nearly over 80% of them. And nearly 90% of them are girls… think about it for a second, imagine you had a thirteen year old daughter, and she came to you saying she ‘felt fat’ what would you tell her? Would you tell her to go on a diet? Start watching what she’s eating? Do more exercise? No, you wouldn’t. You’d tell her shes perfect, she’s gorgeous, she’s beautiful. So why tell yourself any different?

Go and look at yourself in the mirror; and really look. Don’t look at your legs and tell yourself they’re too fat or too wobbly, look at them and admire them, admire that they hold you up, enable you to run, enable to you walk across your favourite beach or around town all day shopping for your favourite clothes. Without those ‘fat wobbly legs’ you wouldn’t be able to run for the bus when you’re late, you wouldn’t be able to climb the stairs to go to bed or pop to the shops because you forgot some milk.

Don’t look at your tummy and tell yourself it’s too big it’s too wide, you’ve got too much ‘hip’ … look at it and admire that one day that you could be carrying a baby in there… would you still be wishing it away? So what if there’s a bit of ‘squish’ on there, why has a flat tight stomach become so much more desirable than a bit of squish, who decided that squish was bad?!

Look at every little bit of you and remind yourself of the wonderful things that each part of your body can do, it’s incredible. Why waste time and energy wanting to change yourself? Why does being 9 stone 6 sound more appealing than being 10 stone 2? Why does being a size 4 sound more exciting than being a size 12? Why does it matter?! Why are we basing our happiness around a number, who cares what size your clothes are. Clothes are supposed to FIT YOU, you are not supposed to fit INTO clothes.

Ask yourself about your favourite memories; were they the ones where you were munching on an apple after a 5 mile run, or were they the ones where you were laughing with your best friends until your stomach hurt and tears were rolling down your face, enjoying pizza and too much wine? (If you’re over 18 of course😋)
Were they the ones where you missed going out for a meal because you didn’t want to eat too much ‘bad food’ that day or were they the ones where you sat on a beach having a BBQ watching the sun set with your favourite people?

There is never too much of you, you NEVER take up too much room. You’re gorgeous, every inch of you is how it is supposed to be, just because your legs might be a slightly different shape or size to another persons doesn’t mean it’s any less worthy of love.
Stop wishing parts of you away and start enjoying the parts of you you have, life’s too precious and too short to want to change yourself all the time there’s only one you, and your friends, your family, your boyfriends and girlfriends, they love you for who you are.

You are special and unique and beautiful, and ask yourself this… what does losing weight actually achieve?

I challenge you to think of 5 positive things that come from weight loss and 5 things that come from accepting yourself as you are because I guarantee the 5 things that come from accepting yourself are the genuine, important things.

All my love,

Evie X

P.S sorry if you were clicking on this expecting me to talk about a new fad diet I’d tried… they don’t work by the way… if you are genuinely looking to lose weight for health reasons then I’d advise you speak to a GP or a dietitian and don’t look for those things on people’s blogs because chances are they’ll be trying to convince you to buy some ridiculous pill or juice they’ve been sent to review. But guess what,

…you’re gorgeous 🙂

4 thoughts on “Weight Loss Tips

  1. We love you for who you are Evie. Pinging this important message back at you: you are beautiful, you are needed, you are loved, you are strong, you are enough. (We are lucky to have you in our family and lives).

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