Brush your Hair Straight

My hair looks awful if I leave it dry naturally… its fluffy and poofy and doesn’t really have much shape; it looks so much better if I straighten it but can I be bothered to straighten my hair every day?

Spoiler… the answer is no.

The Tranquil Beauty Hair Brush Straightener has solved all of these problems for me, if I haven’t got time to straighten my hair in the morning or I purely can’t be bothered to brush and then straighten it then this little tool is perfect.

It heats up to 230°, so just as hot as GHD straighteners but you can adjust it so you don’t need to have it as hot as that if you don’t want it, but the hotter you have it, the more effective the brush.

What I absolutely love about this is that it is quite literally just like a hairbrush, it doesn’t feel like a straightener at all because you simply brush your hair with it! It really is that easy and saves so much time!

I am a very lazy person when it comes to things like hair, I can never be bothered to make much effort with it because I’d rather spend the time on my make up or changing my outfit eight times, but I also prefer my hair straight as opposed to any other style – honestly this wonderful tool has changed my life and now I’m brushing my hair straight I wont ever be a fluffy poofy mess ever again!

All my love,

Evie x


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