These Brows Don’t Do Themselves Honey 

First thing I want to share with you all, before we get into the products is this incredible makeup bag which I am storing said products in.

This amazing creation is from the lovely Rockonruby and HOW COOL IS IT? It even has my blog name on the back of it *squeals with excitement* not only were they kind enough to send me this wonderful makeup bag but also this gorgeous ‘trust me I’m a blogger’ tshirt which I’m absolutely in love with.


Ok, so brows

I mix my brow routine up a LOT, sometimes I like to go all out and have a really defined brow and other times I like to keep it a bit more minimal and natural.  I’m currently in the process of trying to grow them out a bit to make them a bit more, what I call fluffy. So they’re a bit mental but I’m rolling with it.

In that case I’m currently loving the Soap and Glory Brow Archery, I was always adamant I wouldn’t spend too much on a glorified brown crayon but since purchasing the soap and glory thingymabob my brow life has changed for the better- highly recommend.

On those days where I’m feeling like I want to make my brows look much more sassy and defined I’ll go in with my Freedom Brow Pomade which I believe I have in dark brown. My brows have always been quite a lot darker than my hair and obviously my hair isn’t my natural colour (I mean if I was born with pink hair that’d be pretty cool) but I still roll with matching it to my natural because they look funny otherwise

Another holy grail product I’ve been recently loving is my Benefit Gimmie Brow. I actually got this as a freebie on a magazine and I’m kicking myself for not picking up ten copies of the mag just for the product! – But now I’m nearly run out I will definitely be purchasing the full size. I love how it sets your brows in place all day but also remains natrual looking.

I would love to try the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow but I feel like the freedom one is so so similar I’m not sure it’s worth spending the money- what do you guys recommend? I’d love to try out some new things so let me know what you’ve been loving, and also let me know if you get your hands on some of Rock On Ruby’s gorgeous products.

All my love,

Evie x

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