Mother’s Day Gift Guide

A mother; your first friend, your best friend, your forever friend.

Mothers day is coming up on the 26th of march and it’s an event I like to take advantage of. Having only one parent for me means my mum is the most important and special lady in my life and I like to take this day to celebrate her for all she does and all she is.

I of course like to spoil my lovely mummy on Mothers day with treats she’s had her eye on or things I know she’ll love but I also like to make things- and have done since I was very small and my mum always loves a homemade gift (I think it’s a mum thing), so I’ve included some homemade things too. I think homemade things are sometimes the best things, and the most appreciated by mums but they’re also handy if you don’t have enough time to buy something or haven’t got a lot of money to buy a gift.


One of my favourite ideas is to make a hamper of all your mums favourite things. You could ‘theme’ the hamper so you could do a food hamper or a pamper hamper filled with things like her favourite shampoo, bath bombs, face masks, nail varnish, a new dressing gown and some wine. Or you could do a cosy night in hamper and fill it with a couple of new films, some chocolates, pyjamas, a cushion, popcorn, slippers and a blanket. You could of course just fill a hamper with her favourite things and put whatever you like in there! I like to mix it up with little trinkets, pyjamas, chocolate, jewellery, CD’s, books and anything else she might be after!

Spa day

Now my mum is not a spa day kind of lady, so I won’t be using this idea for my own mum but I know that a lot of mummys out there do love to be pampered and you could buy her a voucher for a spa day for the two of you and have a girly day together. You could also book her in to get her nails or hair done if spas and massages aren’t her thing.

Photo scrapbook

A final idea I’ve had and one I’ll be creating this mothers day is a scrapbook. My mum (along with probably 99% of all other mums) has a box of photos which are in a cupboard and although we do sometimes get the box out to flick through it stays in the cupboard so I thought Id turn a few favourites into a scrapbook. I picked one up from paperchase and I’ve also got some stickers and ribbons and things like that to make it look pretty. I am one of four so I thought it would be nice to do a sort of timeline of photos of us all.

I put it together using a mixture of old photos from our memory box and also photos I printed using the app LALALAB.(see details below)

Why not get some photos printed to give her or make into a scrapbook or photo collage! – download the app LALALAB & If you use my code PGDXB5X5 you can get £5 worth of free prints (it’s what I did when I first started getting them and you can get loads for £5!) 🎀✨ you just have to download the app, choose your photos & then pop the code in at the checkout & it’ll take £5 off!! I think I got around 15-17 prints for £5! And they’re SO gorgeous I love them! 🌸🌟💁🏼🔮🌞

Hope this helps! Happy Mothers day to all those lovely mummy’s out there.

All my love,

Evie x

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