Spring iPhone Backgrounds

I made a Christmas iPhone wallpapers blog post back in December (state the obvious Evie) and you all seemed to really like it so I thought I’d give you an update on my iPhone decor and share with you some of my favourite backgrounds for my phone, I am a complete sucker for making my phone look pretty!

These wallpapers are all from what I’ve found on Pinterest, there are so many on there so if you don’t like any of these then you’ll find loads more on there!

I’m always torn between having a pretty floral wallpaper and having a quote as I am an absolute sucker for quotes! – I love this one, think happy, be happy

I adore this one, I love lady birds, and they do make me feel very spring-y! I also love that it’s a pale background so your apps stand out (absolute phone nerd I know)2b9f55ef9ebd6c52c967b056c4afdbc4

This one just made me smile…6b92eeaec1246732927c0a21eb0b0a92

I like the simplicity of this one, again, makes your apps stand out but it still looks nice and fresh and pretty


This one is one of my favourites as its super pretty…and I LOVE the font of the writing!


When I think spring, I think flowers…daffodils and tulips


I think this one is my absolute favourite, I love the bright colours and the arty flowers… I also like how the background is white so the flowers stand out


I feel like this is very classy, but still very Spring-y




Hope this is helpful!

All my love, Evie x


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