Cosy Christmas Nights

Christmas time is the best time to curl up on the sofa, watch films and eat your body weight in mini marshmallows, I have a list of a few things that you can do to make sure you have the best cosy evening ever!The first thing you need for a cosy night in is fairy lights! I’m sure as British people we’re no stranger to ‘the big light’ … turn it off! Make it nice and cosy with dull lighting, candles and fairy lights.

It’s also very important to not be sat in uncomfortable clothes, things with zips and buttons and things that stick into you when you lie down. Go and put your comfiest clothes on; or even better, pyjamas. I’ve been absolutely loving my penguin matching pyjamas from MandM Direct.

Next thing; movies!! For a cosy Christmas evening I highly reccomend something festive, some of my favourites are Arthur Christmas, Elf, Home alone, The Santa Clause and The Grinch. But of course you can’t forget the classics, love actually and the holiday.

You also need blankets! And lots of them! They don’t have to be expensive, primark do some amazing ones for around £4 and they’re so so soft, wilkinsons also do huge fluffy ones for about £10 and places like John Lewis and debhanems do some gorgeous if not slightly more pricey ones!

The final thing you need is popcorn and I have to say I have been utterly obsessed with the propercorn popcorn recently, there are SO many flavours and I’ve unexpectantly been reaching for the more savoury flavours- especially the Worcester sauce & sundried tomato one…yummy.

All my love,

Evie x


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