Christmas iPhone Wallpapers

I thought as its starting to get very Christmassy, I’d share with you some of my favourite festive wallpapers. I’m one of those people who updates their wallpaper to suit every occasion, sad I know, but it’s one of those blogger obsessed things! 

I got all of them off pinterest so obviously I’m not taking any credit for the pictures!

  1. One of my favourites; elf is my favourite Christmas film but I love how this one isn’t in your face ‘elf’ it’s subtle & cute, and I do love a good quote!

2. Santa & snowflakes! I love this one, it’s so cute and fun but without being over the top, I adore how cute the Santa’s faces are. 

3. Simple but pretty. I love this, I think it’s so classy and pretty but very festive at the same time.

4. Falalalalalalalaaaaaaa… Need I say more?

5. Merry and Bright! I love the muted colours of this one, and the way the writing looks like it’s been painted on… so pretty.

6. This one reminds me of Zoella for some reason!?

7. Who doesn’t love a bit of tartan in the winter?! 

8. I love this because it makes your phone actually LOOK sparkly… and I am a big fan of sparkles! 

9. Reindeers! The colours of this drew me to it on Pinterest, blue isn’t typically a ‘Christmassy’ Colour but I love the contrast to the red noses!… again, super cute.
10. The Grinch is one of my absolute favourite Christmas films and this wallpaper is taken from the original drawings of the Grinch which I think is amazing.

11. This was actually my favourite from last year but I thought I’d include it because it remained my wallpaper throughout last Christmas, and it’s very pretty!

12. And finally, one for the New Year!

All my love,

Evie x

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