Christmas Gift Guide- Jewellery

Christmas is a month away today, so the countdown is on! I hope you’re all excited- I’m starting to feel really Christmassy now so I’ve been thinking about various gift guide ideas. I’m going to be doing a series over the Christmas period and the first is a jewellery gift guide.


The first idea in my jewellery gift guide is a charm. Charms are a lovely little gift and if you’re wanting to get something really special for someone without spending a great deal of money, charms are perfect. Especially if the person already has a charm bracelet and then it can be a perfect addition to their jewellery. I love this one from Pandora, the owls are so sweet & it fits perfectly on my Pandora bracelet from the valentines collection.

Go and check out The Jewel Hut to get your hands on the owl charm!


The second idea is a necklace and earring set. I always feel extra sassy when my earrings match my necklace. A set is not something I usually buy for myself but there’s something very lovely about having pretty things to go with your favourite outfit on a night out. I’ve been loving this pink Rosa lea silver round pink crystal gift set and it would make a perfect gift for someone who doesn’t treat themselves to pretty things very often.

Bit of a self promo here, (not sorry) but as a lot of you are aware I have my own handmade jewellery shop on Etsy, and as well as my usual necklaces, I will be putting up some Christmas necklaces very very soon.

I love making things for people for presents, and I love receiving handmade presents. Of course I’d recommend any handmade pieces as a gift, and you can get some lovely ones in local shops, and markets & it’s really lovely to support local businesses.

For Christmas I have been making some festive necklaces, there are snowflakes, stockings and Christmas trees, each with a coloured baulbaul charm. I have been loving wearing my snowflake necklace recently, it’s pretty and delicate but also festive which makes me very happy! They will be available to buy very soon.


All my love,

Evie x

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