5 Things to do When You’re Feeling Rubbish

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Something crafty

  • As a fairly crafty person I always dive into a crafty project if I’m feeling rubbish and need a bit of an outlet or something else to focus on, my favourite thing to do is make presents for other people, I use pinterest for inspiration but I love love love making little handmade gifts for friends and family. I also love scrapbooking, get yourself some photos – polaroids are lovely for scrapbooking, but printing photos yourself also works well! Grab yourself a plain scrapbook, I find the ones with the brown paper style hardcovers and white paper inside work the best but again, whatever takes your fancy. You can decorate it however you want, with washi tape, stickers, pretty pens and paper and it can be such a nice thing to focus on when you feel a bit down in the dumps.

Something yummy

  • Yummy things always make you feel better, whether that be your favourite bar of chocolate, a tub of Ben & Jerries or a bag of popcorn. Anything yummy and comforting will make even the worst days feel slightly less awful. OR, (my favourite) you could bake something! Baking is my favourite way to get something yummy because you can enjoy the actual baking task and then enjoy the finished project (think warm gooey cookies with melted chocolate straight out of the oven…mmmmm).

Something cosy

  • I cannot stress the word cosy enough. Being cosy is incredibly important, not only for warming up on cold days but just for feeling generally comfortable and safe. If you’re sad and you need a good cry, wrapping yourself in a warm cosy blanket is the way forward. I like to surround myself in pillows, cover myself in blankets and stick a Disney film on.

Something funny

  • Watch a funny film, sometimes when you’re sad it’s a good idea to watch a sad film and cry your sadness out with the film but it’s also helpful to watch a funny film and laugh, and when you feel yourself smiling you’ll automatically feel better.

Something Outdoors-ey

  • Get out and go for a walk. When you feel poop there is nothing worse than spending all day cooped up inside over thinking anything and everything. If you go out and go for a stroll, chances are the fresh air itself will make you feel a bit better, but I love to explore areas and fine new favourite places, especially quiet places with no one around and you can really relax and chill out.

Hope this helps some of you,

Keep smiling

Love Evie x


2 thoughts on “5 Things to do When You’re Feeling Rubbish

  1. The best feeling ever is being cozy!! Netflix, my bed, and tea is all that I need! I’ll definitely return to this post whenever I’m feeling a little low. You shared some useful tips!

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