Even the words ‘we’re going to IKEA’ make me squeal with joy. I can’t be the only one who is so excited about the prospect of going homeware shopping and IKEA is the homeware shop of all homeware shops.


So yes, this last week I took a trip to IKEA, it’s also very exciting because I live around two hours away from the nearest store so I can’t go there very often, even more reason to stock up on ALL of the pots.

The first thing I bought was the duvet I have been looking for for ages, the amount of people on instagram that have this is ridiculous, so naturally I had to have it. It is so damn cute, I love flowers and I love plants, and white based duvets are my favourite as they fit in my room perfectly. I’m sure you’ll be seeing it featuring in some instagram posts soon!

I was looking for some new pillows as mine are super flat (most annoying thing ever right?) but I found a giant ‘V’ shaped pillow for £7 and I feel like it is going to change my life, it is so unbeliebaly comfortable and cosy, and if you know me you’ll know I like being comfortable and cosy.

The other things I bought were smaller things but all things I needed! I picked up four packs of white plastic hangers as I love the way they look on my clothes rail in my bedroom. They’re so thin as well so you can fit loads on a rail and only 50p for a pack of four hangers you can’t really go wrong.

In the pot section I picked up two metal pots for £1 each and a white one for £2 (I think they’re meant for plants) as I use them for makeup brushes, pens and hair bobbles.

I also picked up a plain plastic white tub/tray thing with a flat lid, admittedly I thought it would be nice for blog and instagram photos (blogger problems) but it will also be handy for storage.

And it’s not a trip to IKEA unless you pick up a pack of their letter biscuits at the end! They are the yummiest biscuits ever and not only can you spell your name with them but they are the best dunking biscuits in the world.


Hope you enjoyed, let me know if you have found anything nice in IKEA recently!


Evie xx

Instagram: @Whateviedid / @whateviemade

Twitter: https://twitter.com/whatevieedid





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