August Favourites

Here are a few of my favourite things…

Book favourite.

14191945_325906667746571_3604324416818489466_n (1)

This probably comes as no surprise to you all but the book I have absolutely loved this month is All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. I am one of those people who will go for months without reading a thing and then once I get into a book I cannot put it down. I had previously heard a lot about this book so I thought I’d give it a go (don’t worry, no spoilers) But it is basically about two people, Theodore Finch and Violet Markey; they are both contemplating suicide for different reasons and meet each other on the top of the bell tower at school, about to jump. The story goes on from there, about the two of them and their friendship. You find out so much about both of the characters and it is one of those books where you get incredibly emotionally attached! Throughout reading I went from laughing out loud, to crying, so maybe not best to read in a public place! But I one hundred percent recommend!

Makeup Favourites:


I have two makeup favourites this month, I have been looking for a fuller coverage foundation for so long and I found the Maybelline super sty 24hr foundation in SuperDrug, and thought I’d give it a go as it says it is a full coverage foundation and I didn’t want to buy something higher end (student budget and all!) And it did not disappoint! While it might not be as full coverage as a Mac foundation it is pretty good, the colour match is perfect (I always get the lightest shade, and its normally called ivory)(Pale person problems) and the consistency is lovely, it goes on really well with both a brush or a beauty blender, I’ve been reaching for it every time I do my make-up so although my other foundations have been neglected, this has been a definite bonus this month.

My second favourite has been eyebrow pomades. I absolutely love the look of the Anastasia Beverley hills dip brow pomade but of course, very expensive! So I went on the hunt for a drugstore alternative, and I found one from the brand Freedom, I wasn’t sure which shade to get as my eyebrows are quite dark when my hair is naturally light brown/dark blonde so I went for the dark brown and its perfect. Once you’ve got the shape you like with your brows it is so easy to apply this product how you want with an angled brush. I find it is much more precise than using a pencil and it just set them in place with a clear brow gel or my benefit brow drama. Boom eyebrows on fleek.

Random Favourite.


My random favourite of the month has been the App LALALAB. This blog post is not sponsored by them at all I just feel like I need to share this with you as I have ordered SO much from them this month! After coming back from Croatia I wanted to print off my photos but I wanted them to look a bit different than your standard photo. I used LALALAB in the past and remembered how nice the photos were so I thought I would use them again, you can print photos off in the style of square polariods and the quality is amazing! I have also recently ventured out and ordered magnets, you get ten magnets in a little bag and they are absolutely lovely, all you have to do is download the app and you can order the prints, magnets, phone cases and canvases too! If you use the code PGDXB5X5 you’ll get £5 free, which I did when I first started using the app and I think it bought over 15 photos.

Food Favourite.


(Realistically I think this is the favourite everyone loves the most). I finally found Dinky Deckers! Double Deckers are one of my absolute favourite chocolate bars but I can never eat a whole one as they’re so huge and sickly so these are PERFECT (admittedly I haven’t tried them yet but they look so cute, and I love anything bite-sized and small. So that is a real winner!

Clothes Favourite.

My clothes favourite this month has been stripy tops! I am a sucker for a striped top all year round but this month I think it’s pretty much all I’ve worn. I wear them with everything and my favourite at the moment is to wear them with a black pinafore or denim dungarees.

Youtube Favourite.



What kind of monthly favourite would it be if I didn’t include my favourite youtubers, and this month it has definitely been BeautybyAlicee, she just seems so lovely and down to earth and I absolutely adore her weekly vlogs (yes I have watched them all) she’s the kind of person I’d love to be friends with and she’s just so sweet and lovely, a definite must watch.

Personal Favourite.

My final favourite has been my jewellery shop, I felt it wouldn’t be right to not mention WhatEvieMade, which is my new online handmade jewellery store and this month has been amazing. I have had so much fun making my jewellery and being off university for the summer gave me the time to spend enjoying my new hobby. I have had the loveliest feedback from you all and it’s made me really excited about the future of my shop and where it is going to go from here!

Thank you so much for all the support and love, I adore you guys.

Keep smiling,

Evie xxx


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