Just Be A Nice Person

“It’s nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice”

It’s not hard really is it.

I’ve never understood quite what people are thinking when they comment nasty malicious and downright awful things on people’s posts, pictures or videos.

Are their lives really that boring that they have to go around making other people feel bad about themselves? I don’t agree with the statement ‘yeah but if you’re putting your life on the internet you have to expect it’ WHY? Why should someone EXPECT to receive hate just because they decide to share their lives on the internet. Why should someone just put up with being called horrible things, criticised and made to feel inadequate just because they share their lives with others, for YOUR enjoyment.

There is nothing hard about writing nice comments on something someone posts. And if that really is too hard then just refrain from commenting at all??? The saying ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything’ comes to mind.

I’m lucky enough that I’ve never been the victim of online abuse or hate but I know several people who have, I’ve seen things such as actual hate accounts set up against a particular individual or a group of people, mocking and humiliating the person for their clothes, hair, body shape, opinions and life choices and I honestly think it is disgusting. I’ve even seen people criticising others for their choice in baby name, seriously, I’m not joking here. Ok so you might not have chosen that name yourself but it is not your place, nor does it affect you what another individual has chosen to name their child, so why would you go out of your way to write a nasty comment about it? Im not even going to go into body shaming because I will be here for hours writing, but that in itself is a whole other rant. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE SOMEONE FEEL BAD ABOUT THEIR BODY. Big or small, tall or short, hairy or shaven, spotty or scarred. NOPE.

If anyone is reading this who has given another person abuse or hate online I want you to really think about this, are you really that much better than everyone else that you feel that you have the right to put people down, criticise and abuse them? The answer is no.

Serious question here, I’m actually intrigued to find out what you get out of it.

Never, never think that it is ok to write something negative on someone’s posts online. Never feel that it is ok to tell someone that they are wrong just because they hold a different view to you. I mean this obviously applies to real life situations too but I feel as though online is the bigger picure due to people hiding behind their screen.

Bullying, harassing and abusing people online can have serious consequences, do you really want to be the cause of someone’s self destruction? People take their lives as a result of online bullying and it has to stop.




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