Week In Outfits 23-30 May

“You Can Never be Overdressed or Overeducated”- Oscar Wilde

Day one// Monday 23rd May 2016


Today is a fairly relaxed day. I’m going to bake my mum a birthday cake, I have to pop to the shops to get the ingredients and I also have an appointment at the opticians to get my contact lenses, and this evening I have work.

This outfit is a go to outfit for me, it’s so comfy and relaxed yet it looks like you’ve made more of an effort, I actually wore it to my first ever blog event a few weeks ago. I have paired this white baseball style top with red and white stripes on the sleeves from NewLook with a TopShop denim A-line skirt but you can get those style skirts pretty much everywhere if you wanted a cheaper one. I also have one from Primark and while the quality is not as good as the TopShop one the fit is lovely and it was only £10. I’m also wearing my go to lipstick which is velvet teddy by Mac. If you are going to buy this top and for example you’re ordering it online, I would recommend going down a size as I got my usual size 8 and it’s really big.

Day one items:

Day two// Tuesday 24th May 2016


Today I’m going into town to do some shopping as it’s my mum’s birthday tomorrow and I need to get the final bits such as balloons, banner and decorations to make the house look pretty. I love birthdays, well, other peoples birthdays anyway! I like decorating the house, making cakes, buying and wrapping presents and planning little surprises, this appeals to me much more than my own birthday haha. Today I’m wearing my simple grey t-shirt dress from H&M (£12.99) with California 1973 written on the front in black writing, black trim detail on the sleeves and an elasticated waist. I’m pairing this with black tights and black sparkly slip on trainers from Primark and an old denim jacket.

I love this dress, I only bought it last week but I’ve worn it a couple of times as its so comfortable and easy to wear. It’s a flattering shape a it goes in at the waist but is loose fitting everywhere else, for reference I went up a size because I preferred it fitting slightly loose.

Day two items:

Day three// Wednesday 25th May 2016


Today’s outfit is my denim pinafore dress from Primark, it was a couple of years ago (sorrrryyy) but I’m sure you’ve all noticed that these types of dresses are everywhere at the moment so I’m sure you will be able to find something similar, my black sparkly slip on shoes also from Primark and a striped white, blue and yellow t-shirt with a zebra picture on the middle from Romwe. I’ve become a big fan of motif t-shirts recently and i also discovered Romwe.com so I went on a bit of a splurge there not really knowing what to expect. If you’d like me to do a complete Romwe haul let me know as i know a lot of people are curious about the site, it’s incredibly cheap but the postage time and sizing is really odd, but overall I’m happy.

I have work this morning but for the rest of the afternoon I will be planning and gathering everything I need for the weekend as I am going camping and I am SO excited!! I am going to take a load of photos and i will be doing a camping in Cornwall weekend post next week and how to have the best time camping because it is one of my absolute favourite things to do. Happy Wednesday!

Day four// Thursday 26th May 2016


Today I decided to pair my new striped vest from Primark with my zip up velvet/cord skirt also from Primark, with black tights and my black shoes from NewLook. I am a lover of stripes if you haven’t already guessed and I am really loving grey and red together at the moment too! I felt very summery in this outfit which has definitely been a long time coming!

I can’t link these items because as you’ll probably know Primark don’t have a website, but both things are reasonably new and the top was bought only last week & I know they have a lot of other colours (£3)

Day five// Friday 27th May 2016


Camping day one!! Today I’m off to Cornwall camping with my favourite people and I am SO excited, luckily the weather is looking really good at the moment so I am holding out for lots of beach time and wearing shorts all weekend!

I’m going to start off by wearing my black and white floral skirt from H&M with a black crop top and I’m layering it with this white jumper from NewLook and the same shoes as yesterday. I’m not going camping until the evening so I don’t need to crack out the shorts just yet but I do still want to feel summery so I’ll save the jumper for when it gets a bit colder tonight!

Day six// Saturday 28th May 2016


Well today I woke up in a beautiful place with beautiful people and very beautiful weather, there is absolutely no signal here so I am writing this on my notes on my phone to upload when I get back. dedicated or what eh. We will be going on the beach and swimming in the sea later so I’m going to put my bikini on underneath.

I don’t feel like you can go wrong with stripes and denim, high waisted shorts are a favourite – these were from NewLook last year and I still love them! I like the frayed bottoms, all my other shorts have turned up bottoms but I feel these look more festival-esque. I’ve paired them with this baggy striped t-shirt, you can get shirts like this pretty much everywhere so if you’re looking for one you won’t need to look too far!

I also picked up these sandals from primark for camping for only £4 but I’ve actually really been loving them.

Day Seven// Sunday 29th May 2016

13255986_278277835842788_8804074201127136848_nFor the final day of my week in outfits I am going to be wearing my other high-waisted denim shorts. These ones have the rolled up bottoms rather than the frayed bottom which I think gives a completely different look. I’m pairing them with my zebra print cropped shirt from NewLook. I love this shirt, it’s really lightweight and easy to wear and perfect for the beach, which is where I will be spending today!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, it’s slightly different to anything I’ve done before- I’ve linked everything that I can that I know is still available, sorry if you can’t find things as they may have been from last year but everything I can, I have included.

Lots of love and hugs from Evie x x x


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