Shows To Binge Watch On Netflix.

“I need to stop… I whispered to myself as I clicked ‘next episode’…”

Pretty Little Liars: I feel like this wouldn’t be an accurate post if I didn’t include PLL. I know most of you have probably already seen it but I thought I’d throw it in for those of you who haven’t. I honestly cannot rave enough about PLL. I am not one to fangirl over shows or get ridiculously obsessed, but I am incredibly addicted to this show. I’ve watched all 6 seasons from start to finish about 4 times and I don’t regret a thing. When I first started watching it I’ll admit it took me a while to get into it, I watched the first episode of season one about 4 times because I had heard so many good things about it and was trying to make myself like it, and after about 3 episodes I was totally hooked. It’s not your typically girly show like 90210 or Gossip girl but if you like either of those you’ll love PLL. There is SO much drama and a lot of it is really intense! You get completely hooked and the first few seasons where they’re still at school are the best because it’s so relatable to everyone… and there are some VERY attractive boys in it…*cough Caleb cough*

90210: Another of my ultimate favourites, now this show is quite old so I didn’t actually watch it on Netflix as I have the DVD’s but it IS on there and if you’re looking for a girly rom-com style programme with a lot of drama then this is definitely for you! The girls are absolute goals and the boys are drop dead gorgeous. They have all the clothes, the money, the amazing lifestyles and the general scenery in the show is amazing! So much happens, teenage pregnancy, relationship and family drama, drug addiction, abuse and much more – can you tell by now I love a bit of drama!? Its one of those shows you HAVE to keep watching you’ll finish one and in those 8 seconds Netflix gives you between shows you won’t be able to think of an excuse to stop watching!

Outnumbered: Outnumbered has always been one of my absolute favourite shows, it was originally on BBC1 if you aren’t familiar with the show and it’s about a family living in London, Mum, Dad, two boys and a girl, the children are hilarious they aren’t really scripted, they’re given prompts but the show is essentially made up as they go along, it’s all improvised on the children’s part. It pretty much just follows their daily life, nothing majorly dramatic happens but it’s a very feel good programme and it is emotional at times. 100% recommend it!

Skins: if you haven’t already seen skins I am slightly judging you …(joking)… in all seriousness what are you doing though because skins is THE best thing on British TV. There are 7 seasons, Season 1 & 2 are about one group of people, series 3 & 4 another, 5 & 6 another and season 7 revisits some of the characters throughout the other seasons. It’s set in Bristol and it’s about a group of teenagers and them living their lives in Bristol & at school. There is a lot of sex and drugs so if you don’t like that sort of thing then maybe don’t watch it but it is honestly so so good. There’s so much drama, so many things going on, people getting pregnant, people being Ill, relationship dramas, school dramas, so much!!

Miranda: Such a feel good programme, it’s a comedy sketch show written and played by Miranda Hart who is absolutely hilarious. It’s about Miranda’s life, she lives in a flat above a shop which she owns with her friend, she has a nightmare mother and an on off relationship with a man called Gary, there’s a lot of comedy material in it but it’s also a really lovely programme following her life. A defo recommend if you need a feel good show to watch.

Lie to me: very different to the other suggestions, if you like a crime but nothing too gory and more of the ‘finding out’ part of the crime shows you’ll like this. It’s all about a Dr who helps the police catch people and prove their involvement in crime using his ability to tell if someone’s lying or not. I’ve probably made it sound really bad but it’s SO good and SO clever.

Orphan Black: Orphan Black is much more on the intense side, it’s a bit of a psychological thriller in which a girl witnesses another girl jump in front of a train, the girl happens to be a clone of her and she ends up taking her place and living her life. As the series goes on you find out they weren’t the only two clones. I can’t really say much else without giving it away but it’s a definite recommend.

Other Netflix Suggestions:

These are movies I’ve watched on Netflix which I also really recommend,

  1. Short term 12
  2. Girl interrupted
  3. A Girl Like Her
  4. It’s a boy girl thing
  5. Love Rosie
  6. Bad Neighbours
  7. Step Brothers

Let me know if you have any suggestions!

I hope this has been helpful to some of you! Lots of love and hugs, Evie xxx


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