Opening My Own Online Shop?

"Lose yourself in the things you love for that is where you will find yourself too" Yes you read right, I am opening my own shop on very soon, so that I can hopefully sell jewellery pieces and stamped spoons, all hand-made by me! I am very excited about this,  I have always loved … Continue reading Opening My Own Online Shop?

Cosy Cafes and Cream Teas

"You can't buy happiness, but you can buy tea...and that's kind of the same thing" I am a lover of finding cosy little tucked away cafes, and exploring new places to take pretty photos of and this week I did just that! I went for a cream tea with my mum in a new café … Continue reading Cosy Cafes and Cream Teas

Favourite Drugstore Foundations

“May Your foundation match your neck, concealer be creaseless, and winged eyeliner be sharp enough to kill amen.” When it comes to foundations I think the first thing I look for is that they’re easily blendable if there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s desperately dragging foundation across my face trying to get rid of … Continue reading Favourite Drugstore Foundations

How to Have The Best Camping Trip

“Here’s to the nights that turned into mornings, with the friends that turned into family” So recently my mind has been very wander-y. I’ve been thinking about all the places I want to go to and explore and I’m starting to feel very trapped and claustrophobic in a home/uni/work cycle. Then it came to bank … Continue reading How to Have The Best Camping Trip

Week In Outfits 23-30 May

"You Can Never be Overdressed or Overeducated"- Oscar Wilde Day one// Monday 23rd May 2016 Today is a fairly relaxed day. I’m going to bake my mum a birthday cake, I have to pop to the shops to get the ingredients and I also have an appointment at the opticians to get my contact lenses, … Continue reading Week In Outfits 23-30 May

Shows To Binge Watch On Netflix.

"I need to stop... I whispered to myself as I clicked 'next episode'..." Pretty Little Liars: I feel like this wouldn’t be an accurate post if I didn’t include PLL. I know most of you have probably already seen it but I thought I’d throw it in for those of you who haven’t. I honestly … Continue reading Shows To Binge Watch On Netflix.