Plymouth Blog Meet

“We’re all Mad Here”

On Saturday the 7th May 2016 I went to my first ever blogger event at the Orangery at Mount Edgecome. I was very excited about this because I see people on Instagram/YouTube/blogs etc going off to events all the time and I am always very envious! They always look so beautiful and fun, so when I saw on Facebook that an event was being held very near to me I jumped straight on it and bought tickets with my lovely friend Lorna and we headed off to Mount Edgecome together on the boat!

I had absolutely NO idea what to expect of the event, Lorna already briefly knew the lovely girl organising the event Ellie (  but I had never met anyone before so it was all new to me! I don’t know what I was nervous about though because everyone was absolutely lovely, it was so nice to be able to talk to people who knew what you meant by a flat-lay and shared your love of white backgrounds good lighting. Being surrounded by people you have so much in common with means you can delve into conversations with them straight away and we all got on really well which was lovely.

The event was set up in the Orangery of Mount Edgecome, in the style of Alice in wonderland which is one of my favourite Disney films. The orangery itself is absolutely beautiful but Ellie had made it even more so with her subtle Alice in Wonderland touches and music by her lovely friends singing and playing the guitar.

There was the opportunity to move around and speak to all the different bloggers there; I was actually really surprised at the variety of bloggers. In my naivety I half expected us to all be beauty fashion and lifestyle bloggers because that is the world I am stuck in online but I met book bloggers, music and theatre bloggers, mum bloggers, and girls who blog about tea! And every single one of them was so interesting to speak to. They all had their own ideas, plans and goals and it was so lovely to bounce off each other with tips and find out about exciting opportunities.

At the event we also had some girls from No7 make up and Origins and we were given the chance to try out some products and take home some freebies, which I have to say I have been very impressed with so far!

I am so excited to be writing this blog post, and to have attended such a beautiful event, hats off to you Ellie, you did good girl!

Lots of love and hugs from Evie xxx


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