Valentines Day 2016

“What Is Done In Love Is Done Well”

I have to confess I am only a recent Pandora addict but I have started my collection off pretty well, I got a ring for Christmas and two for my birthday- one of which was from the valentines collection. I am now the very happy owner of a Pandora bracelet which was kindly gifted to me by The Jewel Hut.  I have wanted a Pandora charm bracelet for a very long time and to be able to collaborate with Pandora and have the chance to own one of the beautiful bracelets has made me very happy. (

If you are trying to choose something from the Pandora valentines collection I feel very sorry for you because it will be a near impossible task. I have officially decided I would like everything. Some of my particular favourites are, the Silver Linked Love Ring, the Silver Sparkling Love Pendant and CZ Heart Rings one in red one in clear stone and one in lilac, I have the clear stone ring and its beautiful, it’s so dainty and cute but also very sparkly and I do love a bit of sparkles!

So,I was very kindly sent the Moments Bracelet with Heart Clasp which I adore! I’ve never seen this before but the way the clasp is in the shape of a heart gives it that really special valentines touch! I was also very kindly sent the you and me charm to go on the bracelet, and on one side it says you and me  and on the other side it has i love you engraved around the edge of the heart. I personally prefer that side but if this present was a gift from a boyfriend then obviously the You and Me would mean a lot!

I would like to say a massive thank you to the jewel hut for collaborating with me on this – I will also be doing a valentines gift guide video featuring the products so you will be able to see them on there too!


I hope you have a wonderful valentines day whether you’re spending it with a boyfriend or girlfriend, or a close friend, or netflix 😉


Lots of love and hugs from Evie x x x



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