Winter Favourites

“Merry Everything and a Happy Always”

My first beauty favourite is the makeup revolution palettes specifically the ones that look like chocolate bars, I have the ‘milk chocolate’ one and my god it is literally THE best palette I’ve ever used, its more pigmented and more easily blended than my naked 2 palette and it was only £6.99 (I think)

My second beauty favourite has been the real techniques bold metals brush collection, (inserts heart eyes emoji) oh. My. Gosh. They are beaut-iful they’re so shiny and gorgeous and the bristles are so soft. The contour brush is exactly what I’ve been missing from my brush collection it is entirely perfect. The bristles are so tightly packed together so it goes on really nicely and not patchy but they’re also soft so it blends well and doesn’t make you look like you’ve been attacked with a crayon.

My first fashion favourite has been my chunky heeled Chelsea boots, now as a student I’m on a pretty low budget so I got mine from Primark for only £15, obviously if you wanted to spend a bit more and get a better quality pair then have a look in somewhere like TopShop or Schuh or something, but I’m pretty happy with mine!

My second favourite has been black skinny high waisted jeans, now I’e not always been a lover of jeans, ive always been more of a leggings and tights person but I bought myself a pair of high waisted skinny jeans in normal ‘jean colour’ (is that a thing?) and I love love loved them, so I went back and bought some black ones, and I think I’ve probably worn them about 75% of winter. They go with EVERYTHING and its great because it looks like you’ve put lots of effort into your outfit but really you’ve just thrown on a pair of jeans and a top and boom. Here I am.

My last fashion favourite of the winter has been a good old stripey top. I genuinely don’t think you can have too many stripey tops, I must have at least 10 and they are all different and I love them all equally ( I love them so much I treat them like children) I honestly think that along with my jean wearing 75% of the time, a stripey top with it takes up a good 50% and its brilliant. Everyone loves a stripe

Now I could say my favourite TV favourite is pretty little liars but you all know by now how much I love that and how I’m constantly watching it on repeat so that would be a bit boring, so my favourite show this season has been (and don’t judge me) Glee, I’ve never watched it before and I started from series one a few weeks ago and I’m addicted. It’s such a feel good show but there’s also lots of drama going on like people getting pregnant, relationship drama, family problems, mental health issues, and it’s just so good!

My favourite film recently has been the nativity, obviously around Christmas you’re going to be leaning more towards Christmas films. This film was a favourite of mine last year and I’ve bought it back out this year and it just gets me, it’s so funny but it hits you right in the feels at the same time, and I’m currently training to be a primary school teacher so watching things like this are very me at the moment, I’ve already decided I’m going to do auditions for my class nativity.

My first random favourite has been my ‘secret garden’ colouring book. I suffer with anxiety and one thing I have found very helpful when I’m feeling particularly anxious and panicky is to sit and colour in.  (sounds ridiculous I know) but the books ARE made for adults and they are so good for calming down and they’re absolutely beautiful, they also make a lovely gift if you’re not sure what to get someone for Christmas this year.

My second random favourite is not really a physical thing but it’s been vlogmas, I watched a bit of it last year but I wasn’t really into vlogs last year just main channel videos, but now I actually prefer them! My particular favourites have been the Michalaks, I adore their videos so having one to watch every day is so exciting! I also love zoellas (obviously) and having a main channel and a vlog every day makes me very happy, and also Tanya burr and Jim Chapmans vlogs, serious life goals going on!!!

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this, lots of love

Evie x x


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