Christmas Gift Guide

“Don’t Get Your Tinsel In a Tangle”

So it is that time of year again, Christmas is fast approaching and people start panic shopping, but there is always that really awkward person to buy for, or maybe you just have no inspiration for presents and various soaps tend to get a little boring! Here are some of my ideas for presents, its made my shopping much easier, and much more enjoyable!

Number one:

Socks. Now i know you’re probably all thinking for goodness sake Evie that’s boring but ask yourself, would you be happy with socks? I know that i LOVE socks, they’re always a winner for someone like me who has permanently chilly toes. I went into Primark last week and their sock collection is on fire at the moment. There’s fluffy ones, wooly knee highs, little trainer socks with snowmen and reindeer on…whats not to love! I know NewLook and TopShop also have some great ones!

Number two:

Pinterest it. Something handmade always goes down a treat and I’ve found some amazing things on there, if you’re not sure what to buy someone or you’re on a budget hit pinterest and get your creative side flowing!!

Number three:

Hot chocolate kit. This is always a winner and perfect if you’re on a budget, grab a nice mug from anywhere, M&S do some lovely ones, so do places like anthroplogie Tesco, Wilkinson and urban outfitters so you can pick and choose your price, or pick one of the ceramic ones up from Starbucks or Costa. Grab an old jar, spruce it up with a bit of ribbon and glitter, add your favourite hot chocolate powder about halfway up, and fill the rest with mini marshmallows, make some cookies wrap it all up and there you go!

Number 4:

Photo frame with quotes: I love this present idea! I’ve done this for friends and family for various occasions but it always goes down so well, get a reasonably big frame,  put together lots of your favourite photo together of good memories, and either write captions for the photos or print off quotes and stick them in with some stickers or patterned paper. Everyone i’ve made this for has said it means so much and it’s so lovely to give someone a meaningful present.

Number 5:

Phone cases: Again you probably think I’m mad but i assure you this gift is always a good idea! Phone cases are very useful and if you’re like me you’ll know how well they are needed! Paperchase sells some beautiful phone cases, as does topshop and newlook. But my favourite place for iPhone cases at the moment is eBay. They have some amazing ones on there and most of them are only around £1 which is crazy.

Number 6:

Homemade chocolate bar: Now this is something I remember making in year five DT lessons, we had to design and make our own chocolate bars, one of mine was fudge and fruit pastels, the other was polos and marshmallows- surprisingly both were actually really nice! But you can make ANY concoction you like, find out what the person likes, grab some ingredients, melt some milk dark or white chocolate (or all three and create a marbled effect)  and add things like

  • Marshmallows
  • fruit and nuts
  • crushed honeycomb
  • chocolate chips
  • gummy sweets
  • fudge/toffee
  • cornflakes
  • chunks of biscuit

get a sheet of foil and pour your melted chocolate onto it (or use a mould if you’re feeling fancy) pop in the fridge then wrap in some clear plastic or pretty bags and put some ribbon on it and there you go!

Number 7:

Now if you’re feeling extra generous, a makeup starter kit for someone who’s getting into make up s a lovely idea, get them some core products like eye-shadows, highlight and contour kits, lipsticks and blushers, throw in some brushes and you have a nice makeup set!

Number 8:

Gift cards for days out! If you know someone who has everything then don’t add to their clutter, get them a gift card for an exciting day out for things like paint-balling or water-rafting, or a voucher for a beauty treatment or massage!

Number 9:

Make them a hamper of their favourite things, their favourite food and drink, treats, a photo in a frame, a pretty notebook and some cosy socks or a fluffy blanket in a nice box or basket. If you’re feeling extra pinterest-y add some battery operated fairy lights wrapped around the goodies so when you hand it to them it looks 10/10 on the cosy scale.

Number 10:

My last idea is a scrapbook, now you can either make them a scrap book of your memories together or you can buy them a new scrapbook and lots of things to go in it to make it themselves, ribbons, stickers pretty papers etc, photo paper for them to print off their favourite photos and quotes and if they’re creative they’ll love this!

I hope this has helped you in some way for some inspiration!

Lots of love xxx



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