Christmas/Winter Party Make-up

"I'm Just Winging It...My life, My Eyeliner, Everything" Christmas trees, wrapping paper, sparkly decorations, gingerbread lattes, wooly jumpers.... It must be nearly Christmas! Seen as it is exactly a month until Christmas day (eeeeek) I thought what better than to share with you my go to makeup look for the party season! Enjoy. I don't … Continue reading Christmas/Winter Party Make-up

50 Youtubers You Should Be Subscribed To

"Surround Yourself With People Who Get It" I am always looking through YouTube trying to find new people to discover, YouTube is something that I am absolutely addicted to, there is always videos to watch and people to find and one day I hope I will be confident to do YouTube myself! But for now, … Continue reading 50 Youtubers You Should Be Subscribed To