Tips for a Better Instagram

“The Earth Without Art is Just Eh”

1. Photo Quality

This is probably the most important thing, if you want your account to catch peoples eye you need to have clear, well taken photos. They don’t have to be taken on a DSLR or anything fancy (I take all of mine on my phone 4s or my iPod). They need to be taken with a good angle, either decide you want a head on photo, birds eye view photo (perfect for food photos), or a photo looking up. You can include a variety of different angled photos on your Instagram and it’ll still look lovely, I always used to think I had to take all of my photos in the exact same position for them to match but thats not true. play around with them, I never take a photo once and decide to use it, I always take several having played around with the position and decide which one I like best, and I know I’m not alone!

2. Subject Variation 

When i started out, almost 4 years ago I would take every single one of my photos on the same background, a floral print duvet (I would actually save a pillow case to use if the duvet was in the wash) they were all at the same angle and I used the same editing technique for each one. To a certain extent you don’t want too much variation in your photos as you don’t want your feed to look messy, but you also don’t want every single photo to look exactly the same just with slightly different content.

3. Pick an editing technique and stick to it

Slightly contradictory to my last point, but you have to adapt how you edit to each photograph, you cant take a photo outside of some flowers for example and then one inside in a darker room and expect to need the same increase in brightness and contrast. You have to adapt the way in which you edit to suit your photo. I like to use VSCO cam for all of my photos but I vary the filters I use depending on the colour/saturation/lighting  of the photo already. Choose an editing app which you really like and find a style you like, aim to make each photo look similar to fit in with each other and compliment each other on your feed.

4. Follow accounts for inspiration 

I follow so many accounts on instagram, I am utterly obsessed with the following,

@LivPuris  @Zoella @MorganAliceBeauty @SweetMondayBlog @ViewsOfNow @DanielaBxo @NoelleDowning

Have a look at how they take their photos, the positions, the colours, the things they throw in to make it extra special. Photos don’t just happen a lot require setting up, one of my ultimate favourites is @livPuris and I watched a vlog of hers a while back and she was setting up a table at an event to take a photo for her instagram, she put so much effort in and the photo was beautiful, but you could tell she was having fun with it too!

5. Keep it Personal

Although you want to gather as much inspiration from other accounts and blogs to see what sort of style you like you need to make sure your account is personal to you, or you will get bored of posting. Don’t feel like you can’t post something just because it ‘doesn’t go with your theme’ with the right angle and editing almost anything will fit in (within reason obviously) If you want to photograph a picture of your coffee and throw it into your floral vintage white wallpapered instagram, go for it, just make sure the lighting matches the rest of your photos. Take photos of things you love, not just what you think people will want to see, take snaps wherever you go, I always find that if I’m out I take photos all day, and some of them will definitely be instragram worthy.

Obviously I’m not telling you what to post, you may post whatever you like, but I have been asked several times for tips on creating, starting out or improving instagram pages and I am finally happy with how mine looks. So I hope this is helpful to some of you

Lots of Love, Evie x


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