Small Beauty Haul

“Anything is Possible With a Little Lipstick and Champagne”

Recently I decided my make-up was in need of a serious revamp. I cleared out my collection, all crammed into a couple of boxes, got rid of anything I never use and found some old gems I’d forgotten about. I took a trip or two to Superdrug to pick up some must haves I’ve recently been loving the look of and itching to try.

The first thing I was looking for was a brow mascara. Brows are something I’ve only really been taking care of the past couple of years. Up until I was around 17 my brows didn’t do a lot, although I was grateful for not having wild eyebrows that needed to be tamed every week I got a bit bored of them being the same shape constantly and looking very bland. I started just filling them in using a light brown eye shadow, when I got bored of that I picked myself up a brow pencil and started outlining them then filling them in with the shadow. More recently I’ve been using a brow kit I picked up from Tesco’s own beauty range, which is surprisingly really good. But I fancied doing something a bit different and I’ve seen a lot of beauty bloggers and YouTubers using the Maybelline Brow Drama eyebrow mascara and saying nothing but good things about it so I thought I’d give it a go… and I’ve not been disappointed. Its such an easy product to use, the colour is a very good match for your natural brows and it stays on, and looking full, all day.

The second thing I picked up was the Maybelline Colour tattoo in ‘Permanent Taupe‘. I have 4 other colours of these, they make a brilliant base, but my other colours are metallic shades and I wanted a matte shade for under more subtle make-up. This colour has done exactly what I wanted it to, I wear it under so many different eye-shadows, and it’s a lovely colour on it’s own too.

Admittedly I picked up the mascara because there was a 3for2 offer on Maybelline make-up and my favourite mascara was running low so I thought I’d grab this one, it’s okay, i probably wouldn’t purchase it again I don’t think it gives my lashes any extra oomph but for £4.99 its a fairly reasonable mascara.

The next two products are by a makeup brand I’ve been wanting to try out for ages, having recently come to my local Superdrug I definitely had to grab a couple of things. I picked up the eye shadow palette and one of the blush/contour palettes. The eye-shadows are lovely, very pigmented and a good balance between matte and metallic shades, and a very good dupe for the naked palettes. The Blush/contour palette is possibly my favourite make-up product I’ve ever used. The colours are gorgeous and each one is marbled with another shade. I use the darker colours for contour, the rose shade for a light blush on my cheeks and the white highlighter for my T-zone and under my eyes, I absolutely love how ‘glowy’ and healthy this palette makes you look, very happy with this purchase. 

I have to admit, I am a make up brush addict. I fell in love when i purchased my first real techniques brush but obviously they aren’t cheap so I’ve tried several out from online, and I recently got myself this set of 12 brushes for £9 on amazon. I think I might love them slightly more than my real techniques brushes. There’s such a variety of brushes in the set, one for everything you’ll need and they are so soft but dense like the real techniques so you get very good coverage. Its a perfect set if you’re just starting out in make up but also if you’re just a brush addict like me.

The final thing I purchased was a St. Tropez tanning mitt as I’m awful for not using anything and ending up with orange hands and getting it everywhere, and as I haven’t used one before I don’t have anything to compare it to but so far it’s been really good i’d definitely recommend it.

Love, Evie x


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